Friday, May 28, 2010

Psychotherapy Friday

Dear Readers,
I have decided to implement Psychotherapy Friday as a way of sharing general tools and tips for handling life situations. Each Friday, I will cover a particular topic, such as anger management, boundaries, stress management, etc. Please write in or comment on this post if you have any topics you would like for me to cover. Enjoy!

Today’s Topic - Self-soothing
Self-soothing is a term that covers any method you have of calming yourself after a stressful or upsetting event. Think of how a mother treats a crying infant. She will pat him, walk him, and whisper loving things to him. As we grow up, we are supposed to learn ways to soothe ourselves, using what are commonly known as coping skills.

Coping skills can be either good or bad. One way people cope with sadness or stress could be taking a bubble bath; another way is to overindulge in alcohol or drugs. The trick is to choose healthy coping skills—ones that have no negative side effects.

Here are some commonly used beneficial coping skills:
-Deep breathing

Having the ability to soothe yourself in a healthy manner is extremely important for mental health. Since stress, sadness, and anger don't simply disappear, your mind will find a way to handle it, whether it is good or bad.

What are some of your favorite coping skills?

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Jess said...

Wikipedia is one of my favorite coping skills. Usually I can find some obscure tribe in Mongolia or a list of famous cats that is more interesting than whatever is bothering me.

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