Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Would You Answer?

It's time for "How Would You Answer?"! It's your turn to try answering questions. Below is the featured question for this contest. Email me at (or use the form to your right) if you have an answer for them! The best responses will be posted next week by Wednesday. After that, I will take a vote of the single best response, and that person will win a free copy of the book, "Boundaries"!
Dear Jocelyn,
Under what circumstances would you recommend relocating for a relationship? I want to date a friend of mine who lives in another city, and I think the only way this will move forward is for us to live closer to each other and spend more time together. I'm trying to decide whether moving to his city would be a good idea or if I should try other options first.
-Willing to Relocate

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