Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stop Stealing My Spot!

Dear Jocelyn,
Most of the time I get out of my chair or get out of bed my husband moves into my spot. I have asked him not to do this many times. His reply is, "Well I was going to get up as soon as you got back". Am I being too territorial or is his behavior strange?
     -Want My Spot Back

Dear Spot,
There is a lot of context that is missing that would help here. For example, does he get up from his chair and move into yours? Is he coming in from another room and taking your spot? Does he actually move quickly out of your seat when you come back?

No matter what the answers, yes, your husband's behavior is strange. Whether he is being quirky or passive-aggressively a jerk is dependent upon these answers. For now, let's assume the best. Let's say your husband is simply a bit odd and quirky. You can take one of these approaches:

 -when he does this, come back and sit in his lap. Don't give him any warning, just sit on him. This will either annoy him, or spice up your sex life. Win-win.

 -ignore it. His behavior is vexing and annoying, but probably not worth fighting over. This has the added bonus of decreasing his behavior if this is a passive aggressive attempt to get a rise out of you.

-do the same to him. Whenever he moves, take his spot. Either this will have no effect on him (in which case, try the other two suggestions), or it will help him realize how annoying his behavior is, and he will stop.

Let me know if you try any of these, and if they work!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday Brunch a Must?

Dear Jocelyn,
Is it the norm these days to host a Sunday brunch if your wedding celebration is on the prior Saturday?

Dear Curious,
I consulted several wedding and etiquette sources, including Miss Manners, Emily Post, and  Unless I missed something, the Sunday brunch is entirely optional and up to you.  The purpose behind a Sunday brunch following a wedding is to spend more time with wedding guests, especially those who might have flown in from out of town just for the occasion.  If you are not leaving for your honeymoon immediately, it is a nice option (especially considering that most brides and grooms are unable to spend time with their guests, due to the stress of the wedding weekend!).

However, this does add one more event to what can be an already-packed weekend.  Consider whether you would rather rest the day after the big event, or gather with friends and family.  There is no wrong answer - it is up to you and your soon-to-be spouse!