Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunday Brunch a Must?

Dear Jocelyn,
Is it the norm these days to host a Sunday brunch if your wedding celebration is on the prior Saturday?

Dear Curious,
I consulted several wedding and etiquette sources, including Miss Manners, Emily Post, and  Unless I missed something, the Sunday brunch is entirely optional and up to you.  The purpose behind a Sunday brunch following a wedding is to spend more time with wedding guests, especially those who might have flown in from out of town just for the occasion.  If you are not leaving for your honeymoon immediately, it is a nice option (especially considering that most brides and grooms are unable to spend time with their guests, due to the stress of the wedding weekend!).

However, this does add one more event to what can be an already-packed weekend.  Consider whether you would rather rest the day after the big event, or gather with friends and family.  There is no wrong answer - it is up to you and your soon-to-be spouse!

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