Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Does Boss Get Invited?

Dear Jocelyn,
My boss, his wife and I are good friends at work, however they don't really know by daughter (who is getting married). Should I invite them anyway to the wedding?
-Parent of the Bride

Dear Parent,
That depends - are you paying for the wedding? Is your daughter fine with having someone she doesn't know at her wedding? If you are paying and she had given you carte blanche to invite your friends, feel free to. He should not be offended by a lack of invitation, so it is really a matter of personal preference.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Menu Cards?

Dear Jocelyn,

For a wedding reception, can you have menu cards at the place setting if its a buffet?

-Curious Bride

Dear Curious,

While this is not the normal sort of question I get, I thought I would answer anyway. The answer is: you can do anything you would like! (Within reason, of course.) Menu cards are not necessary if you are having a buffet, so you do not need them. However, you may certainly have them if you would like. It may help guests with allergies identify foods to avoid, or move people more quickly through the line if they already know what is available.

Enjoy your wedding!