Monday, April 29, 2013

Attending a Wedding With an Ex?

Dear Jocelyn,
My ex-girlfriend and I (we dated for six years) were invited by name to a wedding. They are my friends, but she knows them now fairly well. We are no longer together. Do I ask them if they would've invited us separately had we not been together? Should I just leave it alone?
-No Longer Together

Dear No Longer,
While I would normally recommend simply asking the bride and groom about invitations, if you ask them about this situation you put them in the awkward position of potentially un-inviting one of you. This needs to be settled between you and your ex-girlfriend. Send her a note asking if she still wishes to attend the wedding. If she does, you can figure out what you are both comfortable with in terms of where to sit and how to interact. If you were both originally invited by name, then that does not change, even though your relationship has.

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