Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Are Pictures At a Wedding a Free For All?

Dear Jocelyn,
At my sister's wedding, immediately following the ceremony everyone was taking pictures with the new couple. Until the groom's family asked the bride to step away so they could take family pictures, without her in them. I grew up thinking that all (after ceremony, pre-reception) pictures were supposed to be with the bride and groom together. Then each side of their families gets to have a picture with the happy couple. I thought it was terribly rude asking her to step away, but when I talked to my BF he said he saw nothing wrong with it. Am I crazy or is that just completely inappropriate? After all, its a wedding not their family reunion.

Dear Concerned,
This is something that is really up to the bride and groom. They might think that this is simply an efficient way to get pictures - after all, the whole family is together, and the professional photographer is already there (and presumably being paid a lump sum for the event). However, if the bride or groom did not wish for their photographer to be used for any purposes other than snapping wedding shots, then it is an inappropriate use of him. As long as your sister seemed to be fine with it, then there was nothing wrong with what the groom's family did. 


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