Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How Do I Avoid Inviting Someone?

I am getting married, and I have a cousin who is engaged to a person who has a very bad legal record that we really do not want to subject our guest to. How do we go about inviting said cousin but not the significant other with a record?
- Cousin

Dear Cousin,
I'm afraid that there is not an easy way to do this. Since your cousin is engaged, an invitation to the person he or she is engaged to will be expected. The best way to go about this is talk plainly to your cousin and explain that you do not want the fiance at the wedding. However, since you are writing to me I am assuming this is an option you wish to avoid. In that case, you can either send the invitation addressed to only your cousin (who might assume he or she can invite the betrothed), or simply not invite your cousin. There is not really a way to do this without having hurt feelings, unfortunately. I hope everything turns out well.

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